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Brain Fitness

The Art of Rewriting

Our brains are very much like computers. 

Neuroscientist and float tank inventor John C. Lilly introduced the term  “biocomputers”  into our language when he authored “Programming and Metaprogramming in the Human Biocomputer”.  Since that time, scientific research has  continued to develop our modern understanding of  how memories are formed, stored,  affect our thinking, and may be modified within our biocomputers.

Our brains are always installing and running programs.  Sometimes, these programs can be outdated and in desperate need of a software update. The  Art of Rewriting is a software update for the mind,  in which one can rewrite one’s old programs with matured programming.  Your rewrite is a practical method of self-development.  The Program Theory and Application seminar is an in-depth look at the theoretical foundations  and practical applications of programming, and is highly recommended for anyone who is doing a Rewrite.

We offer the  Introduction to the Art of Rewriting,  The Art of Rewriting, and Program Theory and Application seminars through interactive video webinars that are offered with several other float centers.

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