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What can I do with my prepaid float series and gift certificates?

IFloat and ElixirSpa pair to honor your float-purchase dollars  

We are very pleased to announce that IFloat has teamed up with ElixirSpa, (our medical spa neighbor across the hall) to preserve the value of the series and gift certificate purchases made by IFloat clients. Our ElixirSpa “partner”, (with whom, in the past, we have offered very popular combination service packages) will exchange the full remaining value of IFloat-issued credits, (certificates and pre-paid float series) for a wide array of their holistic skin, body and relaxation services, on a dollar for dollar basis*.

We think our IFloat family will find this a very exciting and beneficial opportunity to tap into a highly specialized and individualized resource for natural, clinical and medical modalities for self-betterment. For specific details and restrictions, we invite you to call IFloat at (203) 226-7378, or ElixirSpa at (203) 227-1826. You may review  a few examples here of how a particular IFloat purchases would be package would work.

Additionally, ElixirSpa is offering a complimentary orientation about their practice to help insure that each of our clients is served best for their personal goals. Learn more about ElixirSpa by visiting their website www.elixirspa.com. ElixirSpa is Westport’s most respected wellness and aesthetics practice for nearly 20 years.

*Excludes products and medical services. May not apply to certain membership or services awards.